Signs & Wonders at Ahmedabad Crusade

Signs and Wonders at Ahmedabad Crusade

Where was your last crusade and how many days did it go on for?

My latest crusade was in a place called Ahmedabad in Gujurat, about a 7 hour drive from Mumbai City. There hasn’t been a crusade there for a very long time. I think this was the first crusade there after 20 years.

This crusade went on for 3 days. It was actually not meant to be a crusade, but a conference for 3 days with 3 sessions each day. Then the organiser told us to have a full blown crusade instead of a conference. We were using a big stadium anyway, and that’s what we did!

Without any publicity for a crusade, we had a crowd of 20,000 the first evening.

How did the crowd come in?

By the anointing. The anointing is what draws the crowd. The anointing is key for whatever it is you do in the ministry.

How do you generally prepare for a crusade?

Before a crusade starts off, I’m always in the mode of prayer. I hardly do anything outside of spending time with God. Generally, I get invited to lunch, or to meet people.  I tell them that I don’t step out of my room till I’m done with a crusade. So, I’m just constantly speaking in tongues and worshiping all through the day. I’m not against people who go sight-seeing and meet people before a meeting, I’m not legalistic about it.

There is one thing I understand. I know that what I’m doing is so important. It is a literal life or death situation. To be doing a crusade is not a silly matter to me. It could mean death for a person who came for a miracle and went back without being healed. If a person didn’t accept Christ and died that night, they would go to hell. So for me, it’s just a time of preparation before I stand behind that pulpit. I feel a great sense of responsibility and that’s why I spend hours seeking God and praying in tongues. I cut myself off completely from distractions. No calls, no messages, I don’t meet my team. Nothing. Even my food is sent up to my room – until the crusade is over.

How do you make sure your team catches your vision?

I think it comes by being with me for many years. This is not the first crusade we’ve done. We’ve been doing crusades since the time my dad was a young man. That’s almost over 30 years of crusade experience that my team has. They’ve been gracious and wonderful in wanting to work for me, to win souls for the Kingdom.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke put in me the drive and passion to win souls. That’s really what rubs off on my team when we travel like this. They too understand it’s a matter of life and death, not just a big show where people come to see me perform. It is something that changes lives.              

Preaching the Gospel is not what we do, it’s who we are. It’s what we will do for the rest of our lives. Till we breathe our last breath.

How many people attended this crusade in Ahmedabad?

We had about 60,000 people attend the last day of the crusade, 40,000 the second and 20,000 the first. The crowd grew by 20,000 every night. We had 50,000 people give their life to Christ! It was amazing!

Were there any miracles that stood out to you from this crusade?

Notable miracles are just what comes as a part of what we do. The Bible says, “The Gospel is the Power of God unto Salvation.” That’s why every time it’s preached and proclaimed, miracles happen. I question people who preach the Gospel and see no miracles happen because it’s just not possible. The Jesus that you preach, is the Jesus that shows up. I not only preach Jesus as The Saviour, but also as The Healer, The Deliver, and The Creative Miracle Worker! That’s why it’s so normal for me to see outstanding miracles happen.

At this crusade, there was a young boy about the age of 11, who was brought to the meeting wearing a leg brace. He was playing one day, when a truck ran over his leg and left it fully crushed. The doctors could do nothing about it. They said he would never be able to walk again. At the meeting, I said that Jesus does not depend on my prayers to heal the sick. He’s already moving in our midst and healing the people. While I said that, this boy felt something happen in his leg. When he came up to testify, he said that he felt fire go up his leg! Immediately he got up and began to walk with new bones being created!

The next day, the child and his mother came back with X-ray reports showing that there were perfect bones in his leg! That was only one of the many miracles that happened.

We also saw blind eyes see, deaf ears hear, the cripple walk, the paralysed walk out of their stretchers. Tumours disappeared. People who had tumours in the throat and stomach, who could not eat or drink, ate and drank for the very first time!

I’m always amazed at what God does. At the same time, I believe the supernatural should be natural for every single believer. We shouldn’t be surprised when miracles happen, but when they don’t.

How do you keep people engaged to hear the Gospel?

It’s not me keeping the people engaged. It’s the anointing. The anointing is what keeps peoples’ attention. It’s what made people pay attention to Jesus. It’s what makes people pay attention to me when I preach. That’s what Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke told me as well. It’s not your effort. Your relationship with God determines your level of anointing.

Are there any particular pointers you like to touch on while preaching the Gospel? 

Pray in tongues a lot. Tongues is what really gives you the ability to say what you need to say at the right time, straight from heaven. The longer I speak in tongues, the better my message gets. I never really “prepare” for a crusade, when it comes to the message itself because I’m always prepared. Speaking in tongues is the number one key to flow in the Spirit.

The next important step is, making sure that Jesus gets the glory throughout your message. The Holy Spirit’s job is to glorify Jesus. When you glorify the Name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit confirms the Word you preach. The Gospel. With signs and wonders following.

What experience did you take away from this crusade?

At this crusade, we found a ‘Guruji’ who came to the meeting. He’s actually a Yoga guru based out of Florida. He ended up walking into the meeting while I was preaching and sat down to listen. He even filmed me preach and was really listening. At the end of the meeting, he met me and told me how I preached with such conviction and said it really touched his heart. That he could feel something happen on the inside. When I gave the altar call, he actually put up his hand and said the prayer! He later invited me to speak at his Yoga ashram and preach to the people there. It was absolutely awesome.

I believe that the Gospel is welcoming to all. I don’t support sin. I hate sin. But I love the sinner. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals, gurus, mullahs, or anyone attending my meetings. 

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke said this to me, “The Gospel is not meant to be between two candlesticks in a church, it’s meant to be out there in the nations of the world.”

That’s what I believe. The Gospel is not simply for the church, but for the sinners out there. Between two thieves to be exact.

Preaching the Gospel is not what I do. It’s who I am.

How can someone help sponsor one of your crusade meetings?

It’s pretty simple now on our website. You can donate in USD or INR. You could even buy our other courses on Healing School – teaching you how to see signs, wonders and miracles happen through YOU.

All this material is on the website made available to equip the saints. It’s not free, though. The reason why is because, people don’t take it seriously if it’s free. Jesus said to not throw pearls to a swine. So, it won’t matter to the people who don’t understand the value of it. That’s why we put a price on it, so people will value the teaching.

I encourage everyone to go join our Healing School on our website. We have many other courses available soon also – Business School, Soul Winning Training, and a lot of free content for you to check out.

Support us, and our ministry; and I promise you, your harvest is on it’s way, as you send us to go preach the Gospel!

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