Korba & Mumbai Shake with the Power of God!

I consider it an honour and privilege to write to you all today. My heart is filled with joy. I am so grateful to God and you, His people. I want to begin by thanking all the friends and partners of this ministry. Thank you for supporting us by your prayers and finances. You are enabling us to take the Gospel all over India and across the world.

Looking back at these past three months of 2019, it has only been supernatural acceleration. God has caused us to do more than we could ever imagine in just this short time.

We were able to do three mega conferences. Those meetings raised a whole new generation of firebrands. People who are not just taking the Gospel to India, but all across the world.

I just came back from a crusade, which was in the state of Gujurat, India. I  preached in the city of Ahmedabad. We saw thousands healed, saved and delivered. The soul count in just these past three months has been a whopping, 85,000 people! Such amazing things God is doing here, in India and about to do in the rest of the world.

So, thank you! Thank you for being the senders. The ones who send the goers!

You can read all about the crusade in Ahmedabad in my previous blog article.

Miracles in Korba, Chattisgarh

On the 18th of March, 4:45 am, our journey began. My team and I loaded up on to our vehicles. The Lord took us to two different cities. The first city being, Korba, in the state of Chattisgarh. The second was, the city of Mumbai, in Maharashtra. Both these meetings happened within the span of 5 days!

My team and I had to take a flight from Bangalore to Raipur. Which was the nearest airport to the city of Korba. From there, it took us 10-12 hours on the road to reach the city of Korba. From the time we woke up and reached Korba, it took us about a good 20 hours. One way. The roads we had to drive through were really bad. We faced quite a few hurdles to raise up a new generation.

I always find it to be like a treasure hunt when we go on these journeys. There are no luxuries or any comfort when going to a place like Korba. You won’t even find a motel 6 lol! We stayed in a place that was an absolute disaster. It was the ghetto life haha! But that is the best they had and we don’t complain because these are the places we feel most at home.

I consider it a privilege to be chosen to go where no one dares. It’s all worth it for those precious people. I don’t see Indiana Jones complaining when he goes on his famous treasure hunts so why would I when I’m going to seek after the greatest treasure?

My team always tries their best to make it as comfortable for me, as they can. Although we go through these things, I feel most at home when I’m travelling and preaching the Gospel. More than any 5 star hotel accomodation. I say this because, there is NOTHING like taking the power of God to cities such as Korba. The places that are unreached.

As we reached the meeting, we were welcomed with loud tribal singing and dancing. The auditorium was packed with people. Hundreds of them. We had about a 1,500 people in the auditorium. We had local pastors and leaders from the area attend.

Korba Conference - March 2019
Taking the Power of God to Korba, Chattisgarh – March 2019

The one thing the leaders kept telling me was that, no one goes to those places. That No evangelist, pastor or leader of stature wants to go there. It’s too difficult to get there. They thanked us for going there.

The Fire of God fell down all across! With such ease! It was like water flowing to thirsty souls. There was an explosion of signs, wonders, and miracles. the blind saw, the deaf heard, the cripple walked. People were so on fire after the first two days of the conference. It was heaven on earth!

The beautiful people of Korba, their faces are imprinted in my brain. I can never forget all the amazing things God did for those precious people. I would go through this and far more. Journey even longer to get to these places. A hundred times over. It is so worth it.

The fire of God falls in Mumbai City

We then drove back from Korba to Raipur and caught the next flight to Mumbai City. We arrived and were welcomed by our team in Mumbai. We rested that night. I couldn’t sleep, so I went down to the coffee shop. I was preparing for the next day’s meeting as I drank my coffee. I actually take what I do seriously. I take these meetings seriously.

I know some people who just go sightseeing. As I’ve said before, I’m not against it. It’s just when I travel for a meeting, I am purely focussed on preparing for it. I understand it is a matter of life and death. People show up to these meetings in desperate need of a touch from God.

I was sitting with my coffee and preparing after another 20 hours of travel. I was reading the Word and the Lord suddenly spoke to me and said, “My heart breaks for Mumbai.” I heard those words and began to weep. Like a baby in the coffee shop. I couldn’t stop myself as I cried for the city of Mumbai.

The Lord told me that there was too much division in the city. This is what He said to me. “As you go and stand behind that pulpit tomorrow, this is what you will say…” It was almost like the way God told Ezekiel to speak to the valley of dry bones. Telling them to come back together. The Lord told me that Mumbai was shattered. That the people were only concerned for themselves. Not about the Kingdom.

He told me to tell the Pastors there that the Fire of God has two characteristics. The first being, “Whatever is from God the Fire brings to life in the hearts of people.” The second characteristic is, “Whatever is not from God the Fire destroys.”

He said, “Division is not from Me and any ministry that is doing things that is not from me will be taken OUT.” Ministries that are dividing. Ministries that are dividing people. Ministries that are fighting with each other. The Lord said that if they don’t fix themselves, He would take them out! I was weeping as the Lord was saying all these things to me.

He said to tell the people that that His Fire would fall. As it would fall on people, whatever was from Him would catch fire to shake the nation of India like never before. Whatever was not from Him, when the fire fell, would be destroyed.

The next evening when I got to the meeting, I said what God asked me to. There was a holy silence over the meeting. I could see the people, Pastors and leaders crying with tears rolling down their eyes. The Fire had overtaken them in such a powerful way. I’d never seen something like this before.

The Lord told me as I preached Ezekiel 37, that He would bring back together whatever had been divided. In families, churches and division among Pastors. God would fix it and put it back together!  

God then told me to get into a Prophetic act. He asked me to pray for the sick. That bones would go back to bones. The Lord said He would replace broken bones, He’d create brand new bones in the bodies of people. He said that miracles would explode all over the place. Like I’d never seen before.

I obeyed the Lord and asked people to stand. I said that as a prophetic sign, miracles would happen in the middle of my message. This would prove that I am a man of God and what I said, was from God. I told them that bones would go back to their bones just as I’d preached in Ezekiel 37. It’d be a sign that God would bring back Mumbai’s people, Pastors and leaders together. Bone to bone. That God would raise up an army of people to shake the nation of India.

I said all these things and began to pray for people. “In the Name of Jesus miracles will happen”, I said. I told the people that if miracles didn’t happen, they could call me and my God a liar. Before I even got to end my prayer for the sick, miracles broke out all over the place.

I asked all the ones who were healed to come up in the front. People ran down the aisles! The cripple threw their crutches away, and began to walk. The paralysed gained mobility. People with missing bones, got a brand new bones! People with fractures, who were told by doctors they wouldn’t move their limbs again got healed! Bone back to bone! People said they heard noises in their bones. Like a clicking sound. Their were being set right.

Large tumor disappears as miracles break loose!

As these miracles broke loose, the crowd erupted. There was one lady in particular who really astonished me with her miracle. She ran up to the front and no one could stop her. She began to jump all around. I asked her what had happened. She told me that she had a tumour, the size of a FOOTBALL! She told me she had it on her back for many years. She told me that when I prayed, immediately the tumour disappeared! She is completely healed!

There were so many miracles exploding besides hers. Due to the time constraints, we couldn’t take in too many testimonies. There was a sea of people with testimonies of healing and deliverance.

Returning to Mumbai in May for special Youth Conference

The Lord put such a fire in the heart of the young people. What a beautiful sight it was. I asked the young people if they wanted to be used by God just the way He uses me. They got down on their knees and cried to God in response to that question. It was like a new move began in Mumbai that evening. The pastor there told me that they felt a shift in the city after I said what I’d said. The young people then began to scream “COME BACK!” So, we’ll be making a trip back to Mumbai on the 3rd and 4th of May for another mega conference.

During these past few conferences, the five days of meetings in Korba and Mumbai, the respective cities were shaken with the power of God! The Pastors and young people were transformed by the time the meetings were over. A new move of God. I’m looking forward to the next conference in Mumbai. It shall be even more amazing!

The total number of Pastors, leaders, and young people touched in these conferences is 4,150 people. I am so blessed that God chose us to take the Gospel, His Fire to the nations of the world.

Sow a seed today!

Again, a big thank you to all our partners for enabling us to do this. We love and honour you. We pray for you always. Thank you so much for your continued support.

If you have not in the past supported our ministry and what we do, I encourage you to do so today. On our site, you’ll can sow a seed towards what God is doing.

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In India and across the world. We have had over 85,000 decisions and 6,000 pastors and leaders mobilised for the Gospel. Equipped to do signs, Wonders and Miracles by the Power of God. In just a span of 3 months! If God is able to do this much in just 3 months, who’s to say what He’ll do by the end of this year! All I can say is, the best is yet to come. This is just the beginning.

A final word…

Love you all. Looking forward to getting in touch with you again soon. I’ll just leave you with one last thing…

If God can do all these things to and through me, He can do the same with you. Even much, much more! As you read this article, I believe the anointing that is upon me will touch you today. That miracles will happen. Your situations will change as you read this. Situations in your family, your business. If you need a miracle in your body, miracles will happen. I write this under the anointing. That same anointing will touch you today, on reading this. Expect great things to happen. Be encouraged that God is able and that He is always faithful.

Always remember, Jesus is coming soon. Let’s get busy saving souls!

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