6 Ways to operate in Violent Faith

6 Ways to Operate in Violent Faith

I want all those who follow me to carry the violent faith I carry. It is how I see signs, wonders and miracles. 

Learn how to have this violent faith. 

It is a faith that moves mountains and shakes the foundations of reality. It is a faith that sees the impossible happen.

I promise you this faith will get you so riled up and excited you cannot contain it. It will open your eyes to see the world in a new light. Full of compassion and love.

It will empower you to see signs, wonders and miracles like Jesus and the apostles. It will burn deep in your bones and lay an imprint marking you a Child of God forever.

So when you begin to read this message, sit with an expectation and not with an agenda.

Note: This blog article was written from a live video on Youtube.

Things to Know before you Receive a Violent Faith

If you choose to believe that Jesus died for our sins and overcame death, then carrying this violent faith becomes MANDATORY.

Through his sacrifice, we have come blameless of any sin. Holy and worthy children of the Most High God.

Faith starts small and it starts with you. It could be a mild headache or a failing relationship. Low self-esteem or coping with grief. Or even financial problems. My advice? Run to God for every small thing expecting him to heal.

When you keep running to God for the small things, your faith builds, trusting him to ride the big waves.

If you believe, I promise you by the time you are done reading this, the anointing that I carry will touch you. And you will receive the Lord’s supernatural power.

Your list of having a Violent Faith

1. Pray if you are afflicted.

Prayer is your first resort. Pray every time you strain- in body or in spirit. 

Pray if you have unsettled thoughts. If these thoughts burden your mind- pray. There is nothing like the power of prayer made by a faithful heart.

John G. Lake in his book Divine Healing, writes, “When you become a Christian with a consecrated body, soul, and spirit, your privilege of running to the doctor was cut off forevermore.”

The God who can relieve you from a headache is the same God who will relieve you from cancer.  He is the comforter who will console your broken heart. He is the Wonderful Counsellor who will strengthen your broken relationship. He can even change the way you look at yourself.

The fear of not healing or the fears of not having things resolved are fears the devil puts in our hearts. It is the only authority he has over us- creating fear, confusion and unbelief.

Do not succumb to his lies. Because the devil comes to steal your joy, kill your faith and destroy your life.

Talk to God like a friend in whom you confide. Tell him everything. But don’t forget to expect to heal.

Remember – if you want us to pray for you, send us your prayer request.

2. Reach out to the elders if your faith is not strong

If your prayers are not working and you’re still struggling to get out of your affliction, then call for the elders of the church. 

Men and women anointed by God can lay hands and pray for you. 

You will receive your healing because their faith is strong enough to heal you. 

All you need to do is ask them to pray for your healing.

3. Confess the secret sin

We know the verse from Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

But did you know it also includes the secret sins you hide?

From stealing cookies to murder, from following zodiacs to watching porn. Anything that defiles your sanctity as a child of God will block you from receiving your miraculous healing.

Confess every secret sin before God by confessing to one another.

If there is some secret sin in your life that you have not confessed before God, confess it today.

Not confessing your sins will not only hinder your healing but also you will never know what it is to have faith in the almighty God. Read that again.

4. The Centurion’s Faith

In Luke 7:1-10, we read how the Centurion’s faith healed his servant.

What is amazing about this story is Jesus has not found a great faith like this in all of Israel. Not even in his disciples.

The Centurion’s faith did not depend on Jesus’ physical presence nor did it depend on Jesus laying hands on his servant. It depended on the Word of Christ.

A Centurion is a rank in the Roman army who works under authority. This position helped him understand that healing, miracles, signs and wonders are like foot servants of Jesus.

Jesus just had to say the word and it would move.

Being under the authority and having an authority taught him the power of command.

We need to learn to be under authority. We need to know we have the authority to heal in the name of Jesus. We have authority to see signs, wonders and miracles happen in the name of Jesus.

This is the secret the Roman Centurion, a heathen, understood of the Kingdom of God. That even Jesus’ disciples could not understand.

5. The Undignified Faith

Any person with an Undignified Faith would say –

I don’t care what you have to say about me,

I don’t care if you’re going to insult me,

I don’t care if you have to kick me around,

I don’t care what you do,

I want my healing.

I don’t care how I get it,

But I will get it from you.

It all seems to read fine until we reach the third line. 

Are you willing to let somebody kick you around, call names and abuse you for the sake of having faith?

Overlook your offence and focus on the anointing - grab it
Overlook your offence and focus on the anointing – grab it

That’s how the Canaanite woman in Matthew 5:21-28 was. She was willing to go any distance to receive her healing.

The disciples ignored her cries. They urged Jesus to send her away for she was annoying. Later, Jesus calls her forward and because she was a heathen, he called her a dog! Little did she know he was only trying to test her. Now it may sound crass, but he wanted to see how much she could endure the scorn.

Although Jesus tried justifying to her, how it isn’t right to give the blessings to a heathen (meant for the chosen), she chose to grab whatever little was leftover– blessings, healings or miracles. She was least bothered about her dignity.

Jesus is quick to correct his disciples’ attitude by saying, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” Matthew 15:24. Thus proving his actual justification for healing the heathen woman’s daughter.

She overlooked her offence and focused on the anointing that he carried. She came there to get it and she got it. No insult, no mockery, no scorn could keep her from receiving her miracle.

Today, would you be able to look past your offence, forgo your dignity before the Lord, and run to your healing?

6. The Desperate Faith

In Luke 8:40-56 we read two miracles. One, a woman who had the flow of blood for twelve years, stopped when she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. Two, bringing Jairus’ daughter back to life.

In those days people thought menstruating women as unclean. They quarantined them in their homes. They shunned them from stepping outside for anything. Sometimes, people would stone a woman if she stepped outside. Everything she touched would be unclean.

In this light, think of the woman suffering for 12 years. Not allowed to go out, meet people or touch anyone or anything. She had enough. She must have been waiting for Jesus. Longing for healing, and a miracle. No sooner did she hear he was coming her way that she sprinted to her healing. Risking scorn or stoned, she made her way through the crowd. She came up behind Jesus and touched his garment and she was healed immediately.

Jairus, a ruler of a synagogue, fell at Jesus’ feet begging him to come & heal his daughter. While Jesus was on his way, Jairus’ daughter died. Jesus goes to his house, sending everyone out he brings the dead girl to life.

Jairus was a respected man. People looked up to him. Given the way, the Rabbi’s and teachers of the Law saw Jesus, how could he have humbled at Jesus’ feet?!

It was their expectation and desperation that healed them that day. These are breeding grounds for miracles. Let go of your pride, dignity or offence before the Lord. Nothing should matter more than receiving your healing

Human pride and offence hinder a person from receiving his miracle.

Note – If you want to learn more about healing take a look at our Healing School course.

Faith is Birthed in the heart that Responds to the Word of God.

Faith is birthed in the heart that responds to God. Romans 10:17 TPT
Faith is birthed in the heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One. Romans 10:17 (TPT)

Your faith in God starts small, with the little things and it builds. As you build your faith for the little things, God will give you faith for the greater things.

Prepare today, an unswerving life of faith for the smallest of issues. Tomorrow, you will build a violent, unrestrained faith to tackle the bigger issues tomorrow brings.

Expect to heal. Expect to receive your miracle. Faith demands action. Look past every offence from every insult, mockery or scorn.

Here, reach out, grab the attention of the anointing I carry. The Spirit of the Lord is on me. He has anointed me to set the captives free, heal the brokenhearted, raise the dead, cleanse lepers and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.  It doesn’t matter if you need healing in your physical body or your finances or your family. It doesn’t matter when you need your miracle- the anointing will always be present.

Not bothering what the world has to say or talk, healing is instant when you reach out to the anointing with your whole heart. 

If you are violent about your miracle, then you need a Violent Faith.

Be the first one to receive your miracle!

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