Lady healed from Cancer

Cancer disappears in Tampa Bay

Watch this fantastic Testimony of healing from River City Church, Tampa Bay, October 2020.

During this meeting Evangelist Ankit Rambabu was preaching the Word of God on Faith and Healing.

He instructed the crowd to lay hands on themselves, in an area of sickness and pray in faith for healing.

In the audience was a lady with a cancerous tumour on her body. The doctors had done all they could, and her situation had not changed.

This faithful mama laid hands on her own body and joined her faith with Evangelist Ankit Rambabu. At that moment, the cancerous tumour on her breast immediately disappeared. God had healed this lady and given her a miracle.

What a wonderful testimony. What an excellent example of Gods, goodness and love.

Watch this amazing Testimony of healing

God is the same yesterday today and forever. He changes not. The same God that healed this lady wants to heal you. The same God that healed in Bible days wants to heal you today.

If you need healing please make sure to send your prayer request. Let us pray for your miracle.

If you want to learn more about healing, please join our healing school and experience miracles in your life.

Praise God for his goodness.

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