Festival of Miracles – Palm Springs CA

Palm Springs, we are coming for you! We will be back in California for yet another Festival of Miracles, a week-long revival beginning May 30th through June 6th.

Mark your calendars now! You do not  want to miss out on what God has for you in this particular hour. You can either be a participator of the Move of the Spirit, or a mere bystander. We would rather you choose the former, to be a part of creating history in California. It is a move that will catapult into something revolutionary. Do not hesitate, make yourself available.

Watch our Festival of Miracles Palm Springs Promo

Do not come alone. Bring the lost, the dying, the sick, and the suffering. Expect to see miracles, signs, and wonders like never before! This is your moment. You are about to make the greatest decision of your life by being a part of this Move.

Register for Festival of Miracles – Palm Springs

Make sure to register

We encourage you to give towards this meeting. By doing so, you are positioning yourself to be first in line for God’s blessing for your life! When your money and priority goes to souls, God makes you His priority!

If you would like to volunteer for the meeting, or be a partner, you can email us at [email protected]

2021 will be a revolutionary year for California, don’t miss it. Looking forward to seeing you all! We love you!”

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