Festival of Miracles – New Jersey

Festival of Miracles is coming to New Jersey,

Good news being our specialty here, at ARB Ministries, we would like to officially announce that the Festival of Miracles is coming to New Jersey.

A week-long revival from the 12 of September to the 17th.

Mark your calendars now!

Come experience Revival, the only hope for America is another great spiritual awakening, history is about to be made in New Jersey.

Cancel your plans, get here & get lost in his presence a week where eternity becomes a reality, where miracles signs & wonders become a part of  your life, Do not come alone. Bring the lost, the dying, the sick, and the suffering.

If you have never seen miracles in your life then this is the week to come witness it first hand, THE BLIND SEE, THE CRIPPLE WALK, THE DEAF HEAR & the fire of the holy ghost made manifest, This is your moment.

You are about to make the greatest decision of your life by being a part of this Move. There is a whole generation that has not experienced revival, come as we step into the final wave of revival that will sweep across America.

Event dates:

September 12-17

Venue address:

1161 East Jersey street Elizabeth

New Jersey 07201 Presencia del Rey

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