The Quest for 1 Billion Souls

We have a goal to reach 1 Billion Salvations by the year 2030.

Your help is needed for our team to reach this fantastic God-Given vision.

I can smell the harvest for it is ripe, and the harvest is plenty, beyond our imagination. The Gospel has to reach to the ends of the earth. It has been two thousand years after the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to evangelise the world, yet the nations are without hope and the good news. We are not here to give people an illustrative & inspirational sermon. We are here to preach the Gospel in all of its glory.

It gives me great joy to thank the Lord Jesus Christ, along with the team at Ankit Rambabu ministries. We appreciate you for your faithfulness in sponsoring and praying for us.

Evg. Ankit Rambabu
This man was born blind without pupils was made whole and started seeing.
This man was born blind without pupils. He was made whole and started seeing.

Our Ministry Vision

This ministry’s heartbeat is winning the lost at any cost, and God has given us the mandate to reach 1 billion salvations by the year 2030 with The Gospel.

Our ministry vision is not only to win the lost. Our vision is to raise a generation of people who will preach the Gospel and demonstrate it with signs of wonders & miracles. It is time for the manifestation of the sons of God,

You and I are the answer to the suffering world, how can they hear less someone preaches? We need to do whatever it takes to get the job done before Christ’s return. We need to go that extra mile to pull the souls out from certain destruction. The goers cannot go without the senders sending.

As you partner with us, we want you to know you will get the same reward we get. You are enabling our team to accomplish the great commission.

Become a Partner Today

Partner with us today. Not because we need the money, do it so that Jesus will be preached at any cost. Choose to have a hand in the most excellent harvest of souls the world has ever seen. Join us on this great quest for 1 billion souls!

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